Thursday, August 24, 2017

5 fashion tips a girl could always rely on

Its Friday EVE and I'm so glad its the weekend!

Here's a short post on some simple fashion tips.. Its no secret I like clothes, to dress up and to shop. Here are few tips that have worked for me. As you know every season has a new trend but I don't let myself go crazy with every trend that comes out. So, here are a few staples and a few trends worth trying.

1. A white blouse is a classic staple.. I love this one ^ from Madewell it's a bit casual, slouchy and oversized. But regardless of the cut, a white button down=must in your closet

2. Embroider jeans are a hot item this season, and they are here to stay for another one. This is something that you should try. Jeans are something you could find in almost any store without breaking your wallet. Plus, flowers on your jeans are edgy, fun and make a subtle statement.

3. Another staple- The LBD (little black dress) goes a long way, you could dress it up or wear it with flats & a crossbody for a casual afternoon date

4. A good pair of white sneakers are just NECESSARY in your closet. Invest in a good all leather pair that you absolutely love. You will wear it with jeans, shorts, dresses, all day everyday!

5. Bandana scarfs (a fun trend) you could wear them so many different ways. On your neck (like seen above) on your wrist - tie it multiple times around like a wrap bracelet OR tie it to the strap of you handbag and enjoy a fun look

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Confidence:The Ultimate Accessory. No Mascara, No Problem

Bag c/o: Coach; Pants, top, & mules: Zara

Let's be real. We've all had a day (or two, three, etc.) where we've left the house without earrings and mascara. It basically feels like you're walking around naked right?! 

So, that's how I feel when I shoot alone sans G. She's my most important accessory, I get that naked feeling when she's not around. She's the reason why I even started blogging: to share our outfits and capture life. 

It sounds so sweet right? But it got me thinking. Our identity cannot be so caught up in our kids that we feel insecure without them. That we don't have our own identity outside of them. Confidence is a woman's best accessory. No relationship, person, or organization can dictate you, your place, or your value. Your value comes from God. Knowing this, we must stand tall, square our shoulders, and lift our chins up high. 

We have a worth and purpose and it goes far beyond being "___________'s mom."

Ok now for fashion, COACH. What can I say???  This past season their designs, handbags, and leather goods are out of this world gorgeous. Needless to say, I am hooked. This bag has been on daily repeat - the most spacious, lightest, and versatile bag I own.  

These incredible pictures were taken by the oh-so talented Ashley Sixto from Spin Gallery 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Do All Things with Balance and Grace

No lie, I write this while G is bathing, my hair is wrapped in a treatment, and our dinner veggies are roasting.

I once read, “multitasking kills creativity and collaboration.”  I must say, I agree.  As women, we enjoy checking things off our list, especially us moms. We make that return, we send that email, we meet that friend for coffee, we get in that workout, we write that post, but there are only so many hours in a day.  I mean somethings got to give right? That’s when we skip the pile of never-ending laundry or burn the evening’s dinner.  May I offer a solution? Grace and balance.

Have you ever felt the more you do the less you measure up? 

As a 33-year-old mom, the older I get, the less time I seem to have for personal dreams and projects.  Not too long ago I went through a season where even though I was doing a lot I was still not pleased with my results and outcomes.  I felt like my outcomes weren’t good enough and as though I was falling short. See, something you may not know about me is that I only like to get A’s.  A’s-all-around.  Like every area of my life. So, when I saw myself not finishing tasks, or not having the best outcomes, I didn't feel like I was doing a good job at anything. It felt like I was under a microscope.  But that’s when I took a big step back.  No, more like 10 steps, and gave myself a pep-talk.  It went something like this, “Geri, you’re trying your best, you’re doing your best, and you’re giving your best.” Ladies, a little self-talk goes a long way, I challenge you to try it the next time you have self-doubt.  

We often give grace to others, but we fail to give that same grace to ourselves.  Get that grace, girl.  You are worthy of it. We are all just trying to do our very best – we are not perfect, but we are the daughters of a perfect God and so we can walk in freedom knowing that if the dishes don’t get done everything will be just fine. 

Are you task-oriented? Do you have a balance between living this life and doing the to-dos? I balance by order of priority and general agenda of the day or week. It’s easy to check-off all the to-dos, but are you letting the everyday moments pass you by? By planning and prioritizing you can create a balance to enjoy the SWEET life, like this time at  Bunnie Cupcakes in Miami.